Zoltan Escape Games Room

Your team enter Zoltan’s atmospheric magic workshop, but the greatest illusionist of all time is missing! We need your help to find him… do you have what it takes to conquer our Sheffield escape games and work out what happened to him?

Who is Zoltan?Zoltan's Wands

The Incredible Zoltan, disdainful of the scientific community that has attempted to understand and analyse him, has been busy perfecting his latest illusion, determined to perform the ultimate feat of magic, one that defies the laws of time and physics. The art of real magic is not lost while Zoltan lives, for he is no parlour-trick party magician. He has spent his life perfecting the art, making a mockery of the finest minds the world has to offer.

It falls to you to find out what happened to Zoltan. Brute force can’t help you here, you must utilise your problem-solving skills to discover facts about Zoltan and ultimately, his whereabouts. Do you think you have the detective skills needed to uncover this marvellous magician in our escape games, so he can continue perfecting his most recent illusion?

We need your help to find him…

Explore his workshop, finding magic wands, tarot cards and other magicians artefacts, clues and tools to aid you in your search… though care must be taken with all things magic, lest you accidentally unleash things best left alone.

This escape game requires you to solve the puzzles, discover and analyse the clues that await you, to work logically and as a team to put them together before your time runs out. With the clock ticking and your time running out, will you solve the puzzle, or will you and your team become the next victim of the escapologist’s sanctum?

Can you work together to solve our escape games?Zoltan's Puzzle

Trying to solve the mystery alone is not the way to go, you need to work closely with your fellow teammates to find the clues and put them together in a logically way to shine a light on the mysterious Zoltan’s location. Which family members, friends or colleagues will you bring along to help you?

Come along and try our room for yourself!

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