Win or Lose, Rain or Shine, Try Our Great Escape Games

One big group who were victoriousWhile everyone can get competitive every now and again, there’s plenty to be said about getting co-operative and teaming up to finish a puzzle or a conundrum or two, especially through some great escape games.  Games are all about enjoyment, about taking a break from the everyday norm and to kick back and relax.  For some people, relaxing can take the form of trying out some really fiendish puzzles and riddles – and here at Crack The Code, we’re all about appealing to that side of everyone who comes through our doors.  Our puzzles may be tricky, but they’re completely solvable providing you and your team – of friends, family members, co-workers or otherwise – work together to find the right solution.

Escape Games are Perfect for the Whole Family

Escape games may still seem relatively new to a lot of people, but once you’ve tried one or two, we guarantee you’ll be hooked.  Our affordable games are available here in the heart of Sheffield to all comers – great escape games should be inclusive for all ages, and while we do have a few puzzle rooms which are best tackled by older generations, we have space available for younger players to get involved, too.  We’re a fantastic way for the whole family to get together and have fun during school holidays – which is why we always recommend you book ahead whenever you can!

A Great Activity Throughout the Year

Group Of FriendsOne of the best things about escape room games is the fact that they are completely unaffected by weather and temperature outside.  Our cosy, comfortable surroundings will ease you into a whole new world – depending upon the puzzle and theme you choose for your visit with us.  Whether it’s throwing it down in buckets outside or if we’re in the middle of an impossible heatwave, we will always be here with some great escape games that you can get into and attempt to crack with your best puzzleheads.  Weather’s never stopped us from opening our games up to the public – so do book ahead with confidence for birthdays, parties, work gatherings and more besides.  Escaping the drizzle or just looking for something a little bit different to try?  We really don’t blame you.

What’s more, it really doesn’t matter if you win or lose – a huge part of the fun in these games is getting involved and experiencing the puzzles and the atmosphere we’ve built for you – if you do manage to solve our riddles, you will be justly rewarded!

Why Not Try Our Great Escape Games?

Take a closer look at our themed games and rooms on offer right now – we’re always looking into ways we can expand and update our games, meaning we’d love to hear your feedback, too – why not connect with us on Facebook and leave us a review once you’ve tried out a game or two – we value your opinions as we build our gaming experiences completely around you, our visitors.

If you’re interested in trying your hand at some great escape games and have a team to hand who are more than willing to help you, beat the rush and book ahead now!  Call Crack the Code on 07444165714 or use our web form to make a booking enquiry at your convenience.