Take a Break with an Escape Game

It may not seem obvious, but have you considered that the best way to ease a muddled mind is to give it something to concentrate on?  Different people relax in different ways, that’s for sure – but when it comes to unwinding after a long week, or for getting in a bit of escapism from everyday life, you can hardly go wrong with a fun puzzle or two.  Here at Crack the Code, our puzzles and escape rooms are just fiendish enough to be fun – and you’ll get a genuine kick out of rattling some of the riddles we set up for you.  Here are just a few ways in which an escape room afternoon can be a great way for you to unwind.

Put the Phone DowniPhone

 There’s a good chance you’re reading this on a smartphone – if not, you are certainly reading this on a screen of some kind!  Too many of us depend on our gadgets – our phones, our tablets, our PCs and Macs – even when we’re breaking from work, we’re taking to another screen to watch TV, or to play addictive games on our tablets or phones.  Why not try unwinding in a completely screen-free way?  Our escape rooms are completely technology-free – you’re in a puzzle environment that’s been built up from simple clues and you have to use your everyday wits to get out.  A great chance for you to stop checking those notifications every three seconds!

Let Your Brain Exercise

 As much as we need time to wind down and to let our brains relax from the various facts and figures we throw at them on a daily basis, they also need something of a challenge.  Work can get monotonous sometimes – and our brains relish a new challenge now and again that really gets them thinking.  Escape rooms put the old grey matter to the test in ways that it may not be used to – meaning that solving our puzzles is both exhilarating and relaxing in equal measure!

Kick Back With Friends

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 Escape games are brilliant social affairs.  Whether you’re a duo or a team of five, you’re going to need to work together to solve our puzzles and to crack our codes.  Let us tell you this – teamwork is addictive!  Coming to shared conclusions and naturally working out puzzles and riddles together is extremely cathartic and carries a real buzz – and you may even learn things about one another that you never knew before!

Escape rooms are built to be fun and engaging for brains of all ages – and take it from us, nothing quite beats putting aside a long day of work or school than an afternoon of puzzle-solving.  Here at Crack the Code, our puzzle rooms are meticulously designed to test your cunning while emphasising fun and teamwork – making them massively cathartic experiences.

If you’ve got the thirst for an escape room or are looking for a fun new way for you and your friends to unwind, why not let us help?  Email us with any queries you may have or have a chat with us at your convenience – call us at 07444165714 and let us welcome you into a puzzle or two!