Do something different this New Year with Crack The Code

new year

New Year is always a great time to start thinking about doing something a little bit different – whether that means taking up a new hobby, learning a new skill or going somewhere completely different, we all have our own ways of ringing in the new year that vary from person to person.  While you might not be the sort of person who immediately buys into the idea of a new year’s resolution, there’s every reason you should jump out of your comfort zone and try something completely new for the year ahead – why not?

Take on a whole new challenge

Here at Crack The Code Sheffield, we’re always introducing new people from various walks of life into our amazing puzzles and games.  Our code-breaking lock-in games require you and your friends, family or even co-workers to work together to solve a series of fiendish posers and riddles in an effort to make your escape.  Based around a number of themes that really throw you into a whole other world, you and your team will find it difficult not to get into the swing of things – whether you’re a leader, a follower or a born problem solver!

Immerse yourself in two new gamesZoltan room

We’re proud to be able to bring two new games to our friends and guests in the New Year – meaning that there’s now more choice than ever when it comes to picking the ideal mystery for you and your group to solve.  Can you unlock the mysteries of Zoltan the magician, whose disappearance is causing concern for the conjuring community?  Maybe you fancy yourself as something of a super sleuth, and reckon you can take on a perplexing series of disappearances in the mysterious Apartment 9 – aiding controversial amateur clue-finder Annabel Christie work out what’s been happening to all these local residents seemingly vanishing into thin air…

An activity accessible to everyone

apartment room

Crack The Code offer games and puzzle experiences to appeal to a wide range of tastes and abilities – you certainly don’t have to be a mastermind to be able to enjoy some of the games we have laid out for you, but you will need to be willing to work with your team to find the best possible route towards hidden clues and answers that will allow you to break free from the room.  Why not aim for a best time set by previous occupants – and see if you can learn something new about your friends, family and colleagues in the process?

Get in touch with us

Getting into a few code breaking games this New Year is a fantastic idea – and if you’re local to Sheffield or can easily pop in to have a look around, we’ll be more than welcome to let you try out some of our trickiest teasers.  For more information on how to book for groups big or small this coming January – and beyond – call us today on 07444165714 or email us if you have any specific or further queries.  Put your brain to the test – and take on a challenge like none you’ve ever tried before!