Do Something Different With The Family This Summer

 It may be August already, but for the family, the summer break is just getting started, so it’s likely you’re already looking at various different ways to keep everyone entertained over the next few weeks.  Why not think about taking on a game or activity that the whole family can enjoy – and join us here at Crack the Code for one of our fiendish yet hugely enjoyable escape games?

Family Fun PuzzlesFamily Fun

Escape games aren’t just for corporate events or team building exercises – they make for amazing family fun, too.  While we recommend our games for older children and upwards, there’s every reason for you and your brood to get stuck into some of our cunningly-designed brain-teasers and timed puzzles.  Up against the clock, you’ll need to have your collective wits about you if you’re going to stand any chance of making it to our leaderboard ahead of our puzzle-busting champions.  There’s absolutely no experience or aptitude necessary – all you need to do is work together as a team to find the best strategy in solving the puzzles put before you.

Range of Themed Rooms

Mysteries and magic await you with our range of themed rooms which are always changing – we’re thrilled to be able to create so many unique experiences for the teams that come along and sample our games, and we have a huge focus on welcoming families into the fold.  Whether Mum and Dad can match wits with the kids or not – you’re all going to need to set aside your differences to be able to come on board and break some of our brain-busting problems.  As Sheffield’s premier escape game provider, we offer a variety of packages and experiences to cater to small and large family groups alike, meaning all you need to do is book in and get your collective thinking caps on before you get started.

Escape room puzzles aren’t just for adults and they certainly aren’t restricted to an upper age limit – bring the whole family along and bond over brain-teasers and mysteries that only the bravest dare attempt to put their minds to solving.  Some of our puzzles can be solved in truly speedy times if you’re adept enough – but rest assured, our expert puzzle masters have put together a fiendish web of riddles and codes which will test even the most avid of crossword-solvers.  This is a summer family day out with a difference – and it’s right here in Sheffield!

Family Teamwork

Book Today for a Family Fun Evening!

Crack the Code look forward to welcoming teams and families throughout the year, and getting involved with our games this summer may just be the ticket you’re looking for in terms of unique, family-friendly fun.  Call us to book into today on 07444 165714 or email us with details on your booking and we will be more than happy to welcome you along!  Get the family’s brains trained – it’s time to start cracking some codes!