Why Do the Same Old Thing? Try Something New!

People Enjoying Summer

Summer is finally on its way and – of course – this means that more than a few of us will be heading out to enjoy the good weather while it lasts.  For plenty of us, this means taking in some of the old pursuits – tried and tested fun such as enjoying days out with friends, seeing some sights or just having a few drinks are all well and good – but why not make 2018 the year that you and your friends did something completely different with any time off you have over the summer?  Crack the Code Sheffield are more than ready to help show you what you could be getting up to with friends and family providing you’re all ready to gear up for some brain-teasing action and against-the-clock fun!

Sample a Whole Different World

You don’t just escape from our rooms – you escape into them.  Escape games are a great way to sample a whole different world – we plunge our guests into cinematic landscapes and fantasy realms where they’ll be expected to solve fiendish puzzles within a time limit to ensure they leave as victors – and, if you’re lucky enough, you and your group could end up in our hall of fame.  Don’t get too cocky, though – as our rooms and puzzles have been designed to be as deviously tough as possible – solvable, yet cunning – meaning that if you’re in a larger group, you’ll need to work closely together to figure out a way to crack the code.  Couples and smaller groups, too, can find a way out – but with limited time on the clock, you’re going to need to come up with a strategy that everyone agrees with.

Let Go of Reality and Escape

Exit SignEscape room games are a great way to let reality go for a little while.  We’ve designed our games to take you into a whole other realm – meaning that you and your party are plunged into a completely different world and are immersed in the story and the puzzles from the first moment you step through the door.  Finding clues and working out the right answers to our puzzles will create an immense buzz – there’s nothing quite like walking out of here a victor – but do you have the cunning and the team power to make it through our trickiest puzzles without getting stumped?  You may be surprised to see just who has the skill, the technique and the smarts to conquer our biggest and best puzzles – think you’re a bit of a braniac?  Let’s put that to the test.

Looking For an Escape and Want to Try Something New?

Crack The Code escape games are a massive leap out of the norm – and are a great way to get together with friends for some different fun this summer.  Fancy booking in?  Call us today on 07444165714 or check out our online form.  We welcome small to large groups – providing you’re willing to get your very wits tested, we will be more than happy to welcome you into a plethora of perplexing puzzles right here in Sheffield!