Need something to do after freshers’ week?sheffield

Starting university is always exciting – and we can guarantee that most of you first year students out there will be thinking about studies second and all of the freedom and fun you’ll be having first.  Freshers’ Week has been and gone, of course – and while the first week always rather sets the tone for various nights out and events for the year ahead, once the university year gets into full swing, it can sometimes be difficult to find inspiration for things to do with your new friends and flatmates.  Sometimes we all fancy a break from pubs and clubs – don’t ever deny it!

Try something different

Sheffield is, of course, a huge university city.  We’re home to the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam, meaning that it’s a real hotbed of student activity – and that there’s always something interesting to do in the city itself once you’ve packed in seminars and lectures for the day.  Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise – while studying is obviously a major component of university life, so is going out and enjoying yourself.  For many, university’s first year will be their first taste of freedom – a good time to start looking for different things to do and try out.  Luckily, as mentioned, Sheffield is home to plenty of great ideas – and here at Crack the Code, we have plenty you can try on for size!

An immersive escape game experience

Crack the Code is a revolutionary escape game proprietor with a range of different games, themes and experiences for you to try out when you’re on break from studies.  Our games help to keep your mind sharp – and yes, while we do agree that you may not want to be thinking too much during your downtime – our games can be great fun with friends or even as part of a class excursion.  We essentially throw you right into the heart of a scenario that’s straight out of a movie – and you and your team are going to have to use all of your wits and cunning to bust the puzzles we set for you wide open.

Get together and have some funTeam Photo

It’s a great way to club together with new friends, too.  Our code cracking experiences give you the chance to learn something new about each other, how each of you work individually or as part of a team – and this is something you can apply to your everyday lives, too.  Our escape games are a great way to wind down after a long day at uni – or to warm up before a night out.

If you’re stuck thinking of new, exciting things to do now that Freshers’ Week is out of the way, why not go for something a little bit different to the same old pubs and clubs?  Give an escape game a go – and, as we’re based in the heart of Sheffield city centre, there’s no need to travel too far off-campus.  Come see us here at Crack the Code – or call 07444165714 to book your visit.