Keep your Brain Ticking with an Escape Room

 If you live in or near a major city or town, it’s likely you may have seen a spate of exciting escape games popping up – more than just a trend, these games are a great way to both connect with friends, family and co-workers and to give your brain a real work-out.  For some people, puzzles are a fantastic way to unwind – this may seem a little bizarre to some of us who like to shut our minds down after a hard day at work, for example – but believe it or not, there’s plenty of worth in getting those old cogs in gear to solve a few teasers in an effort to wind down.


Take on Our Most Difficult Challenges

Our escape room games here at Crack the Code have some of the trickiest puzzles in Sheffield with a variety of different themes to plunge you into a completely alternate time zone and world. Beyond that we design all of our puzzles from scratch to really test your grey matter.  Whether or not you are working in a large team or just in a pair, you will need to have all of your wits about you and will need to be primed and ready to get stuck into some seriously fiendish posers.  If you’re in a large group, too, you’re all going to need to work together.  What’s your strategy?  Who is best at which aspects of puzzle-solving?  This makes things very popular with certain work outings as our puzzle games make for brilliant team-building exercises.

Try a New Activity This Summer

What’s more, an escape room game is something ‘different’ for plenty of people.  With the summer approaching, it can be tempting to spend most of your free time having drinks or socialising – why not go for something new that keeps things social and which also keeps your brain ticking over?  Our escape games offer genuinely thrilling moments – you’re up against the clock to work together and prove your mettle against games and riddles which have been expertly crafted to fool even the most adept of code-crackers.  If you’re wily enough to work together and crack the code, you’ll get a place in our hallowed hall of fame – plenty of teams have been victorious – but that isn’t to say that our games are easy!  If you love a challenge – or simply like winning at games and puzzles, full stop – we have a range of codes and teasers to really get your cogs whirring.

Crack the Code is a premier escape room game provider based in Sheffield – and we’re proud to be able to continue expanding our line of games and puzzles for audiences across the region.  If you’re interested in coming to give an escape room a go or if you’d simply like to know more about booking ahead for a large group or party, call us today on 07444165714 or email us with all the details you have to hand – and come and join us for an afternoon or evening with a tricky little difference!