Why an escape room can be a great team building activity

Workplace teamwork

It can be difficult to form relationships with people you have just met – whether it be at work, university or a group you are part of. So you need a fun team building activity which will encourage you to work with others as part of a team.


Organise a trip with colleagues

We believe we have the perfect solution. Escape rooms are thrilling, challenging, and a great way to bond with people.

If you are looking for a way to connect with colleagues, it is not always easy to do this in a stressful work environment. Organising a trip to Crack the Code will show the people you work with that you are keen on getting to know them and forming friendships, and that you are putting the effort in to do so.

It is easy enough to organise a meal or something similar, but eating out with people you don’t know that well can easily turn into a rather awkward situation if you don’t have shared interests. For this reason, we think you should try an activity such as an escape room, as this type of entertainment will naturally encourage people to come out of their shell rather than it feeling forced.

Team Hands

If you are a boss/ manager, organising an escape room can be a great way of increasing employee moral – and you may actually find that if you show your employees you care by organising such events, their productivity increases too. A win-win situation!


Try Crack the Code

We are sure you’ll love our escape rooms at Crack the Code, so why not give it a shot. Bring along your friends, family or colleagues, and work together to solve the challenges that await you! Whether you are looking for a team building activity for you and your colleagues; wanting a fun activity to do with friends; or reconnecting with people, Crack the Code is the place to go!

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