Escape the cold weather with Crack The Code

Raining CityAs the weather continues to deteriorate, you may be starting to feel glum. But you don’t have to stay at home bored! We know how bad weather has the potential to ruin your plans and prevent you from leaving the house, but we believe we have the perfect activity for those cold, rainy days.

Escape the cold weather by visiting our escape rooms, it was meant to be!

Why is an escape room the perfect rainy-day activity?

Although it can be fun going out, there comes a point where you don’t want to be cold anymore! Visiting an escape room is the perfect way to keep out of the cold, while still having fun.

Visiting an escape room is a great team activity, where you can connect with your friends and family; have fun and test yourself.

Our challenging activities and puzzles are great for giving yourself and your team a challenge.

Our central location

Rainy Day in the CityBeing located in the centre of Sheffield, Crack the Code is super easy to get to! No matter what the weather, there is almost always a range of transport option to get to us; including bus, train, tram or car.

This means you shouldn’t have to be in the cold for long when visiting us!

Ready to take the challenge?

Convinced that Crack the Code is the perfect rainy-day activity? We look forward to seeing you! Bring along your friends and family and take on the challenge, taking part in our challenging activities and working together to solve the puzzles and riddles that await you. Think you’re up to the challenge?

Get in contact today on 07444165714 for more information on our escape rooms, or to book.