An Activity to Break Up Your Student Schedule


We know how stressful being a student can be, which is why we believe that the key to success is having regular breaks from your study.

Here at Crack the Code, we offer the perfect activity to take your mind off the stresses of student life. We combine fun with challenge, meaning that you’re testing yourself, while connecting with friends and learning new skills.


Test yourself

An escape room is the ideal way to take on brain-training challenges while being in a fun, thrilling environment. You will need to use various skills in order to escape our rooms, giving you the opportunity to experience puzzles you don’t face in everyday life.

Being a student, you are likely to have breaks between terms, in which you need to keep your brain active to help you get back into schedule. We think that an escape room is the perfect way to do this!

Why don’t you give it a go?


Connect with friends

A huge part of an experience here at Crack the Code is working with others to come up with a solution to the fun yet puzzling problem we throw at you.

Who will you bring along?

If you are in your freshers year at university then you will have had to meet new people and make new friends already. What better way to connect with new friends than to take on an activity where all members of the group will need to work together to escape.

A fun activity like the escape room experience we offer could also help you connect with new people who you may not have had the chance to before, we could even help build a friendship for life!


Take on a new challenge in 2018

What better time than the beginning of a new year to test yourself and learn new skills? People all around us are setting New Year’s resolutions to better themselves – what is yours?

Whether it’s to meet new people and make new friends; to learn new skills; or simply to take on new experiences and challenges, here at Crack the Code we can help you achieve them. Get in touch today on 07444165714 or book now using our website!