4 Ways to Boost Employee MoraleTeam Idea

The ‘team building exercise’ has been a staple of workplaces everywhere for considerable years now – meaning that while it may seem like something of a foreign concept to some people, it really has grown into a staple of everyday working. This is certainly the case for those firms who need to rely upon a strong team ethic and working relationships to thrive! Here at Crack the Code, we offer a range of escape rooms to help bring any workplace team together – as they try to escape the room they find themselves in by searching for clues, hidden messages and more. Here are just a few ways an escape game can help to boost the morale of your team and to help bring people together!

Escape Games Encourage Positivity

There’s no point getting downbeat or downhearted when a task seems hard – after all, who is going to want to solve a problem or task when they’re feeling blue about it? Escape rooms are built to encourage positivity – there’s always a great feeling when you’re able to crack a certain puzzle or two, and this really helps to tie a team together. This, too, ties in very nicely with our next point.

Celebrate Together

You’re going to need to work together to be able to crack our puzzles – and escape rooms really do reward those people who put in that extra bit of effort to get results. Winning one of our games is no easy feat – and as and when you do, you’ll be able to celebrate as a team having cracked the code using your own individual skills and teamwork abilities.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Team building doesn’t have to be boring – our escape rooms and experiences are tailor-made to really liven up the workplace, even when you’re not in it! An escape game will help you to have fun and learn more about the people that you work with on a daily basis – and you may even see a side to them that you’d like to see more of at work! Our games bring out the best in people – and the knock-on effect is a great bit of variety for teams to come together and enjoy.

Rewarding Success

There’s no point going into our games without wanting to win – nor without a sense of humour! Take our escape game experiences with a touch of fun and light-heartedness and you and your team will soon get into the swing of working together to beat our fiendish puzzles. You’ll never be able to crack the code alone – so why not have a bit of fun while working together?

If you’re looking for something a little different to pull your team together and to help liven up the workplace spirit, why not see if you can Crack the Code? Based in Sheffield, we have a range of experiences and themes for you to get stuck into. Call us today on 07444165714 or email us for more information or to book your session!