Book a Christmas Party With a Twist – Thanks to Crack the Code!

Christmas parties are already starting to get booked up, and you may well be heading to one with your office buddies in just a few weeks – the horror!  Where has this year gone?  Christmas parties – while they can get a little messy or even boring when handled improperly – are often a great laugh, but too many people are too quick to think of the traditional ideas.  A pint or two down the pub is always good when you’re relaxing with colleagues – but when it comes to Christmas, why not think about trying something a little bit different?

Perfect activity for occasions

Escape rooms are fast becoming the go-to option for office parties and even family occasions – they’re flexible, fun, affordable and a great way to get everyone thinking and working together as a team.  Whoever it was that originally said Christmas was all about togetherness was absolutely right – and here at Crack the Code, we can’t think of a better way for a group of people to get together than to put their heads in and to solve one of our fiendishly tricky puzzles.

Themed rooms and tough challenges

We offer themed rooms and challenges that require you and your friends and colleagues to try and escape a given room or problem within an hour.  This might seem like a long time, but you’ll be munching on gingerbread and supping mulled wine before you know it – and when it comes to the dastardly teasers we’ve set up for our guests, you may find that you need more than sixty simple minutes to try and make a breakthrough.  Some of the teams we welcome are real clever-clogs, though – can you beat the room record?  Why not challenge your boss and see how you get on?

Take a break at Christmas

Crack the Code Group

Christmas parties with Crack the Code are great fun.  While we’ve never said no to a slap-up meal or a round or two down the local, we think Christmas should be that little bit more special – and if you’ve never given an escape room a go before, now really is a perfect chance to get cracking.  If you’re in charge of a team or just want to give you and your colleagues the perfect chance to unwind in style, there really is no better opportunity than to get those grey cells working in a fun and challenging environment.  Trust us!

Give an Escape Room a go

There’s no better feeling than escaping having beaten the puzzles – you may manage to crack the code in less than twenty minutes, or you may be there for the full hour – we are obviously very proud of the number of people we’ve managed to fox with our superb puzzles!  If you’re still in the process of booking a Christmas party or are looking for something new and exciting to do over the festive period, give Crack the Code a call on 07444 165714 – or drop us an email – and we’ll be sure to book you and your team in wherever possible.  Crack the code and pull some crackers after you’re done – a great time all around.