Have You Beat All We Have to Offer?

Crack the Code Group

If you’ve never tried an escape room game before, you really are missing out! They’re a great way to let loose and have fun with family, friends and work colleagues alike. What’s more, what you might not know is that no two escape rooms are quite the same – and here at Crack the Code, we always ensure to provide our visitors with intriguing and exciting themed rooms and games to take advantage of throughout the year. We’ve made a few changes to our line-up of games and features over the years, but we always make sure to listen to the feedback of our visitors so that our experiences are always top-notch.

Try Different Themed-Games

Just because you’ve tried one escape game – or just because you and your team have managed to beat one of the toughest experiences we have to offer – doesn’t mean you’ve seen it all! Keeping in touch with us online, either through mailing list or social media, will allow you to get instant, first-access looks at some of the new games and ideas we have ready to roll out in the months and years to come. We work hard to create truly unique games with genuine character and flair. It’s our aim to take you to another world – and it’s up to you to make your escape as quickly as you can! Time to put your heads together.

The Best We Have to Offer

Zoltan roomWe currently have three brilliant games packed with mystery and intrigue which will test the very wits of even the smartest members of your puzzle-solving troupe. Try out Zoltan – where you’ll be tasked to solve the mystery of a magician having disappeared while he was trying out his latest illusion. Where has Zoltan gone? Only you and your team can find out, and you’ll need to do so in double-quick time to get yourselves registered on our hallowed leaderboard of fame.

If the idea of hunting down a missing master of magic doesn’t float your boat, why not become an amateur detective and help out Annabel Christie solve her latest mystery? Compare notes and start thinking laterally and logically about who may well have ‘dunnit’ – by working together to put together random riddles which head your way!

Finally, take a close look at our tribute to big screen drama with Shawshank Prison Break – you find yourself on the inside of the Big House having been sent to jail for a crime you didn’t commit. Find the clues and use help from the outside to make your escape – and to clear your name.

Why not come along?

If any of these adventures tickle your fancy, they are available for you to enjoy right now – book ahead now by calling the Crack The Code team on 07444165714 or by emailing us with any queries you may have. You can also book online with us, making it easier than ever before to jump into some puzzle-solving action in downtown Sheffield. Think you’ve taken on everything we have to offer you? Think again – and come and try something new.