Apartment 9 Escape Room

Want to crack your first murder case? Step inside the mysteries of Annabel Christie and the curious disappearances which have been taking place. But beware, you only have 1 hour to solve the case in our escape room, otherwise the same may happen to you…

Who is Annabel Christie?

Annabel Christie is the renowned Sheffield amateur sleuth who has been privately investigating recent cases of disappearances and potential murders throughout the city. Her discreet and curious character has found her trying to solve this case, but it’s proving difficult. With an eye for detail, she has been able to unpack key clues to where these people may have gone. However, something still doesn’t seem right. Do you have what it takes to try out this escape room in Sheffield?

Why she needs your help

Annabel has one problem with these cases… something is missing. She needs you and your team of highly skilled detectives, who have also been working on the case, to meet her at her city apartment to compare notes. You will need to enter her apartment and work with her to compile all your notes together.

However, you may find that there are a few puzzles within her apartment that you first need to figure out. Coded messages which need to be deciphered and key DNA strips which need to be aligned to reveal further answers to this peculiar case. Our Sheffield escape room also has a famous Honeycomb puzzle, do you have the skill to figure it out?

What do you need to have?

To help Annabel in her investigation you need to have a keen eye for detail, success in completing puzzling challenges, be able to work within your team to figure out what you need to do and the real mystery behind the case. The escape room can help build up your cooperation and communication skills alike, so you can learn to work together as a team whether as a work-force or a family/friends team.


Solve this case in time!

Don’t forget, you have only 1 hour to complete the puzzles and get out of the Sheffield escape room, or you may get locked in the game! You must solve the mysterious selection of poisons found and figure out the pattern or you may be at risk of not finishing the escape room in time yourself.

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