5 Reasons to try a Live Escape Game Experience

The Escape Game Experienceescape game experience players after playing the crack the code games

If you’ve not tried your hand at a live escape game experience before, there are tons of reasons why you should certainly check one out – whether you’re looking for a unique afternoon out with friends, an interesting team-building exercise or a birthday party with a difference, clubbing together to beat a range of puzzles and to crack fiendish codes can make for a memorable occasion indeed.  Nothing quite beats the adrenaline rush of making a breakthrough in one of our live games – and here are just a few reasons why we think you should get stuck in as soon as you can!

A celebration with a difference

Let’s face it – it can be hard to find a party or gathering idea that gets all ages and mind-sets geared up and ready to go!  Our live escape game formats are tailored to a wide audience, meaning that you don’t have to be young and agile to solve or puzzles – and you don’t need to be a wily brainbox, either!  Celebrate birthdays, stag dos and more by cracking a team puzzle together.

A workplace wind-down

If you’re looking for an ideal works trip that’s both fun and useful in terms of team-building, look no further.  Crack The Code’s escape games are set against the clock to ensure that everyone works together to solve our puzzles in time – and with several people working on the same problems, you’re going to need to work out a strategy to find a solution and fast.  This means, of course, working together – meaning it could be a very productive way out as well as an enjoyable one!

Each room, a completely unique experiencetop secret

The live escape game experience is more than merely being shut in a room with a few puzzles dotted about.  Here in Sheffield, we operate themed rooms and games which are designed to stimulate your senses and to appeal to your curiosity – we guarantee no two experiences here are the same, and you’ll be itching to find out the secrets hidden in each room.

A whole new world at your fingertips

Whether you’re keen to uncover a secret dossier or to crack the combination to a highly prized vault, we have themes and experiences to surprise and entertain you.  We think live escape games should really plunge players into a whole other world – and while you may only be in there for an hour, you’ll feel like you’re part of a time and a place you’d never imagine visiting.

No pressure

There’s absolutely no pressure or chance of claustrophobia when it comes to our live games.  Our games are designed to provide fun for all ages and tastes, meaning that you’ll feel absolutely no pressure once you enter our themed rooms.  In fact, we think you’ll be inspired to really get into the stories we’ve mapped out and the puzzles we’ve concocted – come and give them a try!

Crack The Code is a premier live escape game provider based in Sheffield, currently available for gatherings, parties and events of all natures.  If you’re intrigued to try out an escape game for yourself, or are looking for something that little bit different to try out for an upcoming celebration, why not give us a call?  Call 07444165714 today, or email us at your convenience – and we’ll be back in touch with more details on how to book in for your first live escape game!