5 Reasons why escape rooms are fun to try

You may already be well aware of the puzzle craze that’s sweeping not just the nation, but the world – escape rooms are fantastic fun and they’re here to stay!  Here at Crack the Code Sheffield we’re always happy to welcome brand new players and seasoned pros alike – and if you’ve never given an escape room or puzzle a go before, here’s a handful of reasons why we think you definitely should.

Work Together with Friends and Family

Team of people fist bumpingNothing pulls a family together like a big puzzle to solve – and our series of themed codes and contraptions thrive on several different minds and bodies pooling together their resources to find a solution.  Our fiendish puzzles aren’t built to be solved alone – so why not bring your friends and family along for a teamwork extravaganza that will bring out the best in everyone?

They’re Pulse-Racers

Working against the clock is a real rush.  While some puzzle rooms give you plenty of time to figure out various codes and riddles, we balance perplexing puzzles with competitive pressure – and not the bad kind!  Our code games are all races against time – meaning that you’ll always be aware of the clock ticking away as you all strive to figure out the best way of solving the various conundrums we’ve put together for you.  Feel the pace – and get solving!

They’re a Real Break from the Norm

Two kids on their phonesThere’s very little chance – perhaps none whatsoever – that you’ll come across complex puzzles like these in everyday life.  We’ve meticulously designed our escape rooms to be unique and devilishly devious – with puzzles and ploys that will test every last ounce of your cunning and nerve.  With the clock ticking and your only wits about you – you haven’t ever solved a problem quite like this!

A Change of Atmosphere

We theme our rooms so far out of the everyday norm that you’ll feel like you are stepping back in time, or onto the set of a big movie – we think dressing up the rooms and plunging you into a heated story or event is par for the course, and will only inspire you to try and solve the problems quicker!  Throw yourself into the action and embody the characters and themes we set up for you – it’s a real break from pace.

True Escapism

City crowd

They’re not called escape games for nothing – while the aim of the game is, of course, to escape – our games allow you to escape the everyday!  You’ll lose yourself an hour at a time in our games – we really think you’ll have a blast if you’re interested but have never taken the chance to come and have a go!

Crack the Code is a Sheffield-based escape game centre with a series of perplexing puzzles and amazing adventures waiting for you, your friends, family and even colleagues.  For team building, family events or simply for a weekend outing – come and give it a go if you think you’re smart enough!  Call us with any booking queries or for more information on 07444165714 or email us at your convenience. You can book in here.