Escape Room Tips: What’s the Secret?

No two escape rooms and games are ever going to be the same!  Here at Crack the Code, we know that only too well, with a number of fantastically fiendish puzzles waiting for our guests to try throughout the year.  If you’ve never been to an escape room before, there’s still plenty of time to prepare before you visit – but what are some general escape room tips and tricks you can put to good use before you arrive?

Explore Everything

Many of our games are based around hidden details, clues and features.  If everything was so easy to work out, teams would be completing our challenges within minutes!  We’ve hidden tons of important clues and details deep within our escape rooms so that you are going to really have to look at every inch of space to get some idea of what to do to get out.

Our Zoltan Mystery game, for example, thrives on hidden details.  Revolving around the mystery, murky world of magic, this game is well-known for hosting a variety of dastardly clues which are waiting for you just out of arm’s reach.  You’re going to need to seriously scour every nook and cranny to figure out what happened to the amazing escapologist!


Work Together

 While it’s probably tempting to try and figure out a puzzle on your own, these games are built for groups and teams to enjoy.  Mystery games such as Apartment 9 here at Crack the Code will require you to put your heads together to build a case.  The benefit of working together in a team lies in the fact that not everyone notices the same details and clues.

Working together as a team will allow you to all explore the various areas and facets of a room and game to put together the whole solution.  Once again – while you think you can probably solve a puzzle on your own, you’re likely going to need more than a few avid mystery-solvers at your side to help out.



Think Outside of the Box


One of our most fiendishly clever games is Shawshank Prison Break.  If there are any escape room tips we can share for this experience, which may well apply to our other games, we’d advise you try and think carefully about the clues which are being offered in a careful and creative manner.  Pay close attention to the story and the theme of the escape game you’re playing.  Look for patterns and correlations in the clues and hints – and don’t be afraid to discard a few red herrings here and there, either.


Get Exploring!

Escape room games are great fun, and while there are plenty of escape room tips that can help you solve the mysteries at Crack the Code quickly, it’s generally a better idea to dive straight in and work together towards your common goal!  Each and every game and room is different!  Come and join in the fun by booking a session with us today – call 07444165714 or email us to get started.

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