How we started our independent Escape Game in Sheffield

Over lockdown we have been looking back at the history of Crack the Code. So, how did we manage to open our own independent Escape Game in Sheffield?

Why we opened?

Chris and Sean are the lovely owners of Crack the Code Escape Rooms. Back in February 2015 they took the leap to become entrepreneurs and opened with just two rooms; The Vault and The Cold War Room. Since then the pair have gone from strength to strength with Crack the Code now being one of the most popular independent Escape Games in Sheffield.

The two decided to take on this challenge and open an Escape Game after Chris took a trip to Berlin and visited a particularly good one. After realising there were not many in Sheffield or the wider area, Chris and Sean made the leap to start the project alongside their day jobs.

How we built our Escape Game?


With a bit of teamwork the pair designed and built the entire space themselves.

The whole design and build process took around 3 months. Chris spent hours and hours coming up with the puzzles, design and clues. Sean was soon tasked with figuring out how to bring all of these exciting ideas to life.

Together they spent hours building and breaking things, and having a lot of fun along the way.

With more and more escape games popping up it is more important than ever to have authentic games, with engaging storylines and clues. You can even try and make your own mini at-home escape room. This article has some great tips.

Taking on the task of designing, building and marketing their new venture all themselves, whilst continuing with their day-jobs, was a difficult one. But all their hard work has been a success and customers always have positive feedback. Having devised all the puzzles entirely themselves, the games and brain teasers are unique and offer a real head scratcher of an experience. As an independent partnership funds were limited and Crack the Code remained one of Sheffield’s best kept secrets for a while. Positive experiences and word of mouth have kept Crack the Code going as a popular entertainment destination in Sheffield.

Chris and Sean’s favourite things at Crack the Code Sheffield

Sean’s favourite room is Zoltan’s magic workshop. He had great fun building this room and some of its exciting twists and turns (which we’ll keep a secret for now!). Chris’ favourite room is Apartment 9, here visitors try to help Annabel Christie crack the case and escape before time runs out. Chris has fond, and maybe a little cruel, memories of Sean electrocuting himself in the building process…don’t worry its all perfectly safe now!

Covid-19 Pandemic and our Escape Game

Bringing us all the way to the Covid-19 pandemic that started last year. It has been difficult for people and businesses everywhere, and Crack the Code has been no exception, being forced to close its doors for most of the year. However Chris and Sean are keen to thank Sheffield Council and their landlord, First Degree, for their support over the last year. We hope that our fellow Sheffield Independent businesses are doing well and look forward to re-opening our doors next month.

Book a Game with Us

Whether you are a young family looking for some family friendly entertainment this summer, or you have been working from home for months and want to reengage your team and team building skills. Crack the Code has something for everyone and is perfect for real puzzle enthusiasts. Support our independent, local business this summer and book a game with us.

We cannot wait to open our the doors to our Escape Game again on the 17th May, along with lots of local independent Sheffield businesses.

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