What makes an authentic Escape Room?

Whether or not you’ve ever been to Crack The Code, there are lots to appreciate about an authentic escape room game! But what is it that goes into the perfect game, or the ideal puzzle? It might vary from person to person, however, there are a few good rules that all escape room games should really stick to.


A Brief History!

Puzzle and escape games have been popular for years, but not as we know them. Many TV game shows have used a similar puzzle theme with multiple players working together to progress and eventually win. Since escape games exploded onto the scene in the mid-2000s, they have quickly evolved – and they became a very big deal indeed in the past decade!

Almost every possible theme has been explored! As the target audience was originally university students and young professionals, many of the games were quite complex in design, but only really needed a pencil and paper to be solved. However, after gaining traction and mass appeal, these experiences have evolved again on a massive scale with intricate themes, fascinating props and actors. They are now as frequently used for management training and team building exercises as they are for a fun afternoon out with the family!

It may surprise you to learn that escape rooms are actually based on a style of video game known as ‘escape the room’ – hence the name! Although each escape room experience is unique, the basis of teamwork and puzzle solving remains the same.


What to Look For

Here at Crack the Code Sheffield, we have listed the specifics of our three rooms on our website – so please feel free to check this prior to booking or give us a call and we will be more than happy to advise you on your choice.

Therefore, if horror isn’t your thing, or you have a touch of claustrophobia, you needn’t worry as we have the perfect game for everyone to get involved in. Each game starts with a thrilling backstory. Your dedicated Game Master will then explain the rules and the premise of your chosen room before you get started.


Escape Room Tips

For the best experience, communication is key. This runs common to all authentic escape room games! Regardless of the type of game and the theme you’ve chosen, you will have to work well together to stand a chance of beating the clock. If you can choose your team and you are in it to win it, you’ll want a variety of talents to cover any puzzles you may face. All good escape room games worth their salt really make the most of the team element!

Room sizes for escape room games can vary. However, there’s no real ‘authentic’ limit or number of players which works best overall! Room capacity can be anywhere between two to seven people, though this will obviously vary in terms of theme, style, audience and difficulty in the puzzles involved. For that reason, no two escape room games are ever really the same! Make sure to check room capacities before you get started, so you’ll know exactly what to expect! Don’t book before you’ve checked the requirements and capacity information!


Book a Game With Us

When booking an Escape Room here at Crack the Code, the excitement starts as soon as you have reserved your place. Perfectly located in the heart of Sheffield, we have three carefully curated enigmatic themes for you to choose from. Each one boasts a detailed backstory, challenging and cryptic clues, and the most fiendish puzzles in Yorkshire! We guarantee an hour of head-scratching, mind-boggling, flabbergasting fun. That is – unless you and your team can crack the code in less than 60 minutes – we dare you to try!

So what is it that makes for an authentic Escape Room experience? Is it the theme? The decor? Or is it the foundation on which all Escape experiences are built… the mystery? If you ask us, it’s a mixture of everything. We’ve built our brilliant puzzles to show off the best puzzle elements which bring people back again and again. Why not take a look at some of our experiences and get the gang together for a day out? Give us a call on 07444165714 for more information or to book.

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