Need Something to Do This Summer Holiday? Try Your Hand at One of Our Escape Rooms

The summer holidays are finally underway, and for millions of us, that means stacks of free time to get out and enjoy ourselves! It’s a great time to be able to enjoy days out with friends and family, as well as to experience new adventures, sights and sounds. You may even be new to Sheffield! While you’re visiting, there are plenty of great spots you can visit in the sunshine.

But what if you’re really stuck for something to do during the summer holidays? Are you looking for a summer holiday activity that will appeal to your whole friend group, your wider family or otherwise? You’re going to need to think outside of the box when it comes to finding things to do in the summer holidays – or rather, inside an escape room!

Escape Room Games = Summer Fun

Our fantastic escape room games can be enjoyed by all throughout the year. However, as a summer holiday activity, it really is second to none. Take advantage of the availability of your friends and family and band together. The puzzles we set here at Crack The Code are specifically designed to test the intellect, reasoning and reflexes of various groups of people. You may think you have the wit and the nerve to try and tackle our mystery games on your own, but you may be surprised. There have been many teams who have ended up on our wall of fame! Many others have tried, and failed, to uncover the secrets behind our most popular teasers.

Other things to do in the summer holidays could cost a lot of money – and might not actually be all that interesting! Not everyone likes trawling around shopping centres or sitting on the beach for hours on end. There are plenty of people out there – maybe even you – who enjoy really getting their old grey matter working. There’s nothing quite like the exhilaration of making a breakthrough in an escape room puzzle. What’s more, it’s glory that you can all share in together. Take it from us – beating our puzzles really is an accolade, and it’s not one you’re going to want to forget.



Step Into Another World

One of the best reasons for checking out an escape room game is the fact that it transports you to a completely new dimension. Sometimes, the summer holidays can feel like one long trudge – especially when you don’t have anything to do! What could be better than stepping into a world of excitement and intrigue to uncover the secrets of a missing magician, or to help solve a sleuth track down the perpetrator of a grisly crime?

It’s like stepping into your favourite movies or TV shows. The experiences you’ll have in an escape room are incomparable to anything you’ve tried before. These are like video games but on a bigger, realistic scale. What’s more, you’ll need to assemble your best team to take on our hardest puzzles and escape rooms. More people in a group doesn’t necessarily mean you have more chance of winning – you simply have to work together! Even small groups have managed to crack our codes – don’t be afraid to keep things to a tight-knit team!


Summer Fun in Sheffield

While there may be plenty of things to see and do in Sheffield from day to day, an escape room game really is something special to behold. With only a handful of days left in the summer left to go, it makes sense to take full advantage while you have the time and availability.

We make sure to help all our customers book in advance for their escape room games, though you may be able to book in with us for certain puzzles at short notice. As this isn’t a guarantee, we always recommend that you get in touch with us as soon as you have a team assembled. With summer on the wane, there’s never been a better time to get booked in and ready to take on our challenges!

Book Today

Crack the Code’s incredible escape room games are available to book and enjoy all year round. Running out of things to do in the summer holidays? Come and crack a few codes with us. Book your team’s slot online today, get in touch via web form, or call us directly on 07444165714. We look forward to testing your wit and skills to their full potential!

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