5 Reasons Why We Offer the Best Escape Rooms in Sheffield

5 Reasons Why We Offer the Best Escape Rooms in Sheffield

It’s safe to say that escape room games have really taken off in a big way. But why is that? Is it the fact that they bring people together in a whole new way? Is it that you can start exploring weird and wild new worlds, all the while trying to beat some truly fiendish puzzles? The main answer is, of course, that escape room games are simply great fun. With more and more escape room companies popping up across our region, we’re proud to still be the best provider of escape rooms in Sheffield. Don’t just take our word for it – check out our customer reviews!

What’s more, here are five great reasons why we’re still the best – and why you should book your team in for a bit of fun now.

Our Brilliant Range of Games

We aim to offer the widest array of games in Sheffield. We’re currently running games and rooms based around murder mysteries, vanishing magicians and more. Whether you fancy making a break out of prison or helping an amateur sleuth hunt down an elusive murderer, you’ll get the chance to dive into a whole new world here at Crack the Code. We strive to keep our games updated regularly, and we’re going to be sharing some great new games with you all in future. Keep your eyes peeled!

We Offer a Great Balance of Challenge

What makes our rooms the best escape rooms in Sheffield is the fact that we don’t make things too tricky, nor are our challenges a complete walkover. There are some escape room games out there which can either be solved in a few minutes or which are nigh-on impossible. We don’t think that’s fair!

Therefore, we’ve developed cunning puzzles and themes for you to work out at your leisure. The clues and solutions aren’t obvious, but they’re not impossible to work out, either. They’re designed for teams to come together on and to work out while the time ticks down. It’s a genuine thrill when you beat one of our rooms for the first time!

We Care About Your Safety

We don’t ever throw you and your team in at the deep end. Each game we set up will have a thorough tutorial and Q&A session before it begins. You’ll be given a full rundown on what to expect from the room once you are in there, and you will also be given the opportunity to recognise fire exits, and the limits to the games you are entering into.

We never let you into a game or a room until you are completely comfortable with us doing so. These rooms are designed to be fun and are therefore built with your comfort and enjoyment in mind. If you have any questions about the way we set up and run our games and rooms, you can always call or email us!

We Offer Great Party Packages

We understand that a great escape room game makes for a brilliant party occasion. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, an engagement or a work achievement, you can book in a flexible and fun party package with us at short notice. We offer great rates on big group bookings, and we’ll be sure to give you the big party welcome you deserve.

No matter the occasion, and escape room could bring a lot of fun to the day – why not take a look at our packages and deals and find your ideal slot?

We’re Easy to Get To

We’re based right in the heart of Sheffield. That makes us one of the easiest escape room specialists you’ll find in the South of Yorkshire. Booking ahead with us is easy, too. Simply check out our online form or call our team to make a special booking at your convenience. We have full information available on how you can make your way here with ease – and even if you are making a booking at short notice, we will be sure to arrange a slot for you wherever we possibly can. Do book in as much advance as you can to avoid disappointment!

Crack the Code Sheffield offers some of the best escape rooms in Sheffield and beyond. Our friendly staff are ready to welcome you to a world of wild and wonderful puzzles. Think you have what it takes? Assemble your team and book online today – or call us on 07444165714 to get started.

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