Got an Upcoming Birthday? Bring Your Friends Along to Try Our Escape Room Puzzles

We all celebrate our birthdays in different ways.  Then again, how many of us simply choose to go out for a few drinks or to socialise with friends?  These are perfectly fine ways to ring in your special day – but why not think about doing something completely different?  Escape room puzzles could be just what you’re looking for if you’re keen to bring your family and friends together in a whole new way.

Here at Crack the Code Sheffield, we are always primed and ready for party occasions.  For birthdays, hen parties, stag dos, work celebrations and more – we have a series of bespoke packages ready for you to discover.  What’s more, you may be able to take away the best gift of all – a certificate to prove that you’ve been able to beat one of our fiendish puzzle rooms!  Don’t think we’re going to go easy on you just because it’s your birthday, mind.  We never tone down our puzzle difficulty!

A Celebration for All

We think escape room puzzles make for the perfect birthday parties.  While we’ve probably all had our fill of parties, dinners and drinks celebrations over the years, there’s something electric about bringing friends together to work on an escape room.  Our puzzles are designed to be solved by groups of people, generally for 3 or more – which means you can bring in a whole host of besties to tackle some of our most infamous and cryptic posers.

As it’s your birthday, it may well be your chance to take the lead.  Decide who gets to do what in a puzzle room of your choice!  Our escape room games work best when people work together to try and solve our conundrums.  Therefore, while you may feel like you can take on a whole puzzle all to yourself, you may do best by calling the shots.  Alternatively, you could get through a puzzle with ease simply by working democratically.  We’re not going to advise you on the best ways to solve our puzzles – that’s up to you!

Escape Room Puzzles with a Difference

The escape room craze has really taken off in the past few years.  That’s why we’ve worked hard to develop puzzles and rooms which can be enjoyed and tackled as part of any occasion.  We think our games are perfect party pleasers.  While some of the tricks we have up our sleeves are more perplexing than others, there are still people out there who have been able to solve our posers successfully.

We’re always working to develop our puzzles to offer a brilliant chance for you to escape from reality.  These games aren’t designed to give you a headache!  Our rooms are brilliant birthday surprises as they really do throw you into another world.  Solve a murder mystery or a conjurer’s disappearance – and take complete control of an investigation.  We aim to help you feel as though you are part of the complete narrative.  Once you’re in the game, you become part of it!  Don’t worry – this is always a good thing!

Booking Ahead

As one of Sheffield’s premier escape room puzzle providers, we do of course recommend that you get in touch with us in plenty of time before you wish to celebrate a birthday here.  Crack the Code Sheffield has both online and telephone booking facilities, where you can book in your party and choose your favourite puzzle to take a look at.  We also offer birthday and party packages so that you can celebrate once you’ve come out of an escape room.  Whether you win or lose, there is still plenty to celebrate – and there’s plenty of joy in just taking part!

We’re pleased to present escape room puzzles which, while fiendish, are possible to solve.  Only a few teams have been able to crack our codes successfully, and some have been able to do so with incredible speed.  Do you and your birthday party have what it takes to reach the top of our scoreboard?  Who knows – you might just be the speediest code-crackers around – what a brilliant birthday present!

Crack the Code Sheffield is an escape room specialist open all year round for casual visits, parties, corporate trips and more.  Intrigued to take a chance on our games?  Call us today on 07444165714 to book in, email our team or use our online booking form to fix your place for your upcoming celebration.

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