Will You Try to Escape Our ‘Apartment 9’ Room?

Here at Crack the Code, we’re always bringing new and exciting experiences for all our guests to try to escape from. We like putting together big mysteries and intriguing adventures which will appeal to all ages. Therefore, we make sure to provide a range of different games available for all to enjoy at any one time. One of our most popular escape games is our murder mystery speciality – Apartment 9 – which is waiting for you to uncover and solve right now.


If you’ve ever fancied being an amateur detective, Apartment 9 is a game you’re going to want to head to first. Whether you’re a fan of TV murder mysteries or love the idea of being able to crack a case with an intrepid team of friends and family, we think this particular room will have tons to offer you. It’s certainly one of our favourites.



Apartment 9 throws you into the mysterious world of Annabel Christie, a local sleuth who has been investigating strange disappearances which seem to be occurring across Sheffield. Annabel may be an incredible detective, but that doesn’t mean she can solve everything on her own. As a crack band of budding sleuths, you’ll be brought in as her trusty team in an effort to try and join a few of the more confusing dots together.

Not only will Annabel need your help to put the pieces of the puzzle together, she’ll also have laid a few cryptic clues for you to decipher and use. It’s all about testing your ability to solve even the murkiest of mysteries. The Apartment 9 case is a baffling one – and once you’ve got a handle on Annabel’s various clues and ciphers, you’re going to need to work together with your team to figure out the truth behind these bizarre disappearances.


Apartment 9 is a game inspired by murder mysteries of old, all the while bringing in some of our favourite cryptic puzzles and conundrums to really fox you. The whole point of any escape game, of course, is to try to escape – but in this particular adventure, you’re only going to be able to do that once you’ve explained what’s happening to all these people who are vanishing into thin air. If even Annabel Christie can’t solve the mystery – you’re going to really need to have your wits about you and your eye for detail sharpened and ready to go.


Our escape rooms are fantastic fun for all ages, encouraging teamwork and investigative skills as well as lateral and logical thinking. Can you escape Apartment 9 having solved the mystery? If you and your band of sleuths are feeling confident, come along to Crack the Code and show us what you’re made of. Call to book ahead today on 07444165714 – alternatively, do email us if you have any specific queries or concerns we can help you with. Don your deerstalker and grab that magnifying glass – and venture into Apartment 9!

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